Vintage Rookie

Vintage Rookie:   This style is considered most valuable and commands a premium due to it’s rarity in the collecting world. “Ever wanted that nice signature that was facsimile onto a program? or on a product Jordan endorses? Well this is it.

Michael “Jeffery” Jordan

Signed Power of Attorney DS “Full Legal Name”

Most complete Jordan signature that I have seen. One of two sets that have surfaced within the collecting world. This comes from the “Mercedes Benz 560 AMG Documents” that Jordan originally purchased in 1986. The other set “Porsche” contracts were sold to a collector in Japan whom sold off the documents indivdually. This “Mercedes” contracts are the only known intact set that exists. This Power of Attorney is by far the nicer of the two.

Notice the vintage “Complete J” in Jordan. Also notice the completed “N” in Jordan.
Extremely rare in this form.

During the early to mid 1980’s the demand for basketball/autograph related memorabilia was very minimal, actually there wasn’t much of a demand at all. Unlike today, many large corporate businesses along with the technology of the Internet, has propelled the sports collectibles/autograph memorabilia market into a gigantic money generating industry. Basically, the average collector never thought or wanted to spend the extra money on items such as jerseys, shoes or official NBA game balls. Most collectors never really envisioned that these select items would add significant value to the items that were signed. Common items bearing Michael Jordan’s vintage full signature include: SI magazine covers, newspaper articles, basketball cards, posters, hats and on occasions (rubber composition) basketballs. Select items, which include: signed documents, photos and equipment (jerseys, basketballs etc.) are at the top of the hierarchy in regards to rarity. Vintage signed equipment or special items normally came from inside the organization or where donated to various charities.

Also from the “Mercedes Set” These signatures are taken from the individual application,credit report and the Duraguard form.

Rare Vintage Signed Basketballs

JORDAN “ROOKIE YEAR” Perhaps the most important basketball of it’s time. Defined as “THE ROOKIE BALL” Out of my 17+ years collecting Jordan signed items, this ball which is one of only a couple team signed basketballs from Jordan’s rookie season and “BY FAR” the most spectacular and finest know to exist. First and formost: this is an “Official NBA Game Ball” along with 12 dark and bold signatures highlighted by a “Gem Mint 10″ Michael Jordan full signature! I watched this ball sell in auction back in 1997 for $5000+ I have waited “8” years for this ball to surface! History on the “ROOKIEBALL”: This ball was originally given by the Chicago organization to an individual that worked with the team in outfitting players for commercial and promotional spots. The 12 members that are on this ball: Michael Jordan,Orlando Woolridge,Quintin Dailey,Steve Johnson, Dave Corzine,Sidney Green, David Greenwood,Wes Matthews, Ennis Whatley, Rod Higgins,Jawann Oldham and Caldwell Jones.

Jordan’s Rookie Year and first ALL STAR appearance as well as Dr. Js last. This ball is the perfect counterpart to the “The Rookie Ball” Signed by All 24 members of the East and West All Star Squads. Eastern Conference Players: Moses Malone,Larry Bird,Isiah Thomas, Julius “The DR” Erving, Bernard King, Sidney Moncrief, Michael Jordan, Terry Cummings, Michael Ray Richardson, Dennis Johnson, Bill Laimbeer, Robert Parrish. Western Conference: Magic Johnson, Ralph Sampson, George Gervin, Rolando Blackman, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Adrian Dantley, Norm Nixon, Larry Nance, Hakeem Olajuwon, Alex English, Jack Sikma, Calvin Natt.

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